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Increases productivity and operational efficiencies, reduces downtime and enhances problem-solving capabilities effectiveness for Microsoft Teams users by bringing industrial remote assistance capabilities to select smart headsets, smartphones and tablets.

Microsoft Teams provides video conferencing communication for industrial workers while Fusion Remote 2.0 enables advanced video conferencing collaboration.

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  • The only industrial software that is integrated with Microsoft Teams
  • Provides the convenience, reliability, security and stability of Microsoft Teams
  • Eliminates the need to depend on or invest in a parallel WebRTC/based video conferencing infrastructure
  • Allows access to the Microsoft Teams corporate address book and to participants outside of the company network
  • Connected workers operate in a hand(s) free manner with say-what-you see commands
  • Remote experts optimize their support with the use of a command center dashboard from their desktop or at the edge with a smartphone or tablet

Fusion Remote Licensing Options

Industrial Remote Assistance

Safe, secure and easy to use with quick meeting starts

Hand(s)-free, say-what-you-see user experience

Allows access to the Microsoft Teams corporate address book and to participants outside of the company network.

Multiple participant, anywhere in the world support from remote experts using Microsoft Teams

Image, video clip and file sharing

QR code generator for quick authentication

Single sign-on (SSO) with Microsoft accounts

Message and value dictation (speech-to-text)

Email meeting invites from the remote expert or the connected worker

Add participants to meetings in process

Join meetings with deep links

Access as a guest or authenticated user

Meeting roster with participant status

Image capture, video clip and meeting recordings, brightness, volume and geolocation

Share and store images, video clip and meeting recordings at different quality levels

Transform meeting contents into PDF and XML reports which are time stamped and emailed to all participants

Mitigation for low bandwidth connectivity

Turnkey, preconfigurable for field deployment

SaaS license subscription by device

Enhanced security with end-to-end data encryption at rest and in-flight

Can be integrated with inspection workflows & IIoT data visualization


Fusion Remote Standard Features Plus:


Dedicated AWS Instance in region of Choice for Remote Experts and Administrators

Archive and manage your remote assistance sessions for auditing, sharing, training and more!

Text | Files | Images | Video Clips | Meeting Recordings


Fusion Remote Plus Features Plus:


Command Center Dashboard for Remote Experts

Simplifies remote operation from the desktop or at the edge with a smartphone or tablet.

Optimizes the capturing and sharing of images, video clips, screenshots and meeting recordings.

Facilitates real-time screen share and live annotation with connected worker zoom in/out and flashlight control for picture taking and video capture.

Includes a media gallery which provides quick access to all relevant meeting content and an address book tool which provides quick access to connected workers and remote experts (from both inside and outside of the company network).

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Fusion Remote for Smartphones and Tablets

Boulder, Colorado – September 7, 2022 Jujotech today announced the introduction of industrial remote assistance software that is not limited to smart wearable devices. Fusion Remote ST (for smartphones and tablets) enables both connected workers and remote experts to use existing select smartphones and tablets to exploit the many benefits of industrial remote assistance. Numerous use cases have emerged where a specialized smart wearable device is not required for safe, secure and efficient operation. Using existing select smartphones and tablets,

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How Jujotech and BlueJeans Empower Connected Workforces with Industrial Remote Assistance Software

BlueJeans by Verizon Case Study Jujotech’s industrial remote assistance software can be a lifesaver for businesses with workers in remote locations, such as those in the energy sector. When a team of field workers on an oil rig in Brazil installed a choke manifold incorrectly, the operator faced the potential of losing approximately $10,000 a day while waiting to fix the problem. Flying the closest available expert from his base in Panama to Brazil would disrupt the project he was

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Best Integrated Intelligence for the Connected Worker

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Jujotech creates augmented reality (AR) based software to uniquely connect and enable industrial mobile workforces with products for industrial remote assistance, actionable inspection workflows and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data visualization.

By deploying Jujotech’s industrial software with mobile devices such as select smart headsets, smartphones, and tablets, customers can achieve increased productivity and operational efficiencies, reduced downtime and enhanced problem-solving effectiveness. Travel expenses are often significantly reduced, resulting in rapid return on investment.

The company is based in Boulder Colorado and offers its products worldwide.

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