Real-time access to Actionable Augmented information for the mobile workforce
Delivers Just-in-Time actionable IOT
Enables immersive augmented reality experience & actionable workflow
Fully compatible with IoT analytics Live equipment status

Intelligence for the Connected Worker

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Hands-Free Remote Assist Anywhere in the World
Communication Platforms:
Skype for Business - Zoom - Microsoft Teams
Live audio/video communication
Instant messaging
HD picture sharing with annotation
Remote picture capture
Remote expert multicast

Intelligence for the Connected Worker

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Enterprise Integration of Existing Actionable Workflows
Open API ingestion
Actionable IIoT integration
Hands Free workflow:
step by step | checklist & forms | troubleshooting | SOPs
Workflow accomplishment
Interoperable with Fusion Remote, Skype for Business and Fusion AR

Intelligence for the Connected Worker

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Jujotech provides the best integrated Augmented Reality (AR), Workflow, and Hands Free Communication enabled SaaS solution for the industrial connected worker. We produce instant & substantial gains in productivity by bringing actionable digital content to the edge (in real-time).  Target industrial applications include remote assist, augmented reality (with IIoT analytics ingestion) and workflow (with open API).  Supported devices include smart headsets (hands-free operation), tablets and smartphones.

Best Integrated Intelligence for the Connected Worker

Instant Productivity Gains
Improving the ability to rapidly and accurately process actionable information
Increase in Training Effectiveness
Redefining Instruction, Training and Coaching
Increase in First Time Fix Rates
Connecting field workers with experts instead of providing service manuals and telephone support
Reduction in Assembly Time
Delivering just the right information the moment it is needed

SOURCES: Harward Business Review, 3.13.17; HBR 11.2017;

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