Hands Free Remote Assist Anywhere in the World with Skype for Business, Skype for Business Plus, Zoom, Microsoft Teams

Jujotech Fusion Remote delivers a collaborative environment with two-way audio and video for facilitating collaborative troubleshooting, assessment and rapid resolution of field issues with the help of remote experts. The Fusion Remote vocal user interface enables fully hands-free operation for user ease and efficiency.

  • Enables delivery of industry standard remote mentoring services
  • Hands-free Remote Assist
  • Provides a collaborative environment with audio, video, and instant messaging
  • Anywhere in the World
  • Inject decades of knowledge into your operation by connecting remote experts with field & factory technicians
  • Increases workflow efficiencies over 30% through a fully hand-free vocal user interface
  • Zoom in and out in real-time while streaming, with five-level optical zoom (MS Teams only)
Live audio/video communication
Instant Messaging
HD picture sharing with annotation
Remote expert multicast
Remote picture capture


Machine AR w/IIoT Analytics
Maintenance and Repair
Field Service
Field Inspection
Building and Construction
Warehouse Logistics
Virtual Audits

Key Features / Benefits

Live Audio/Video Communication

Connect your workforce.  Significantly reduce travel expenses.  One expert can support dozens of technicians & workers throughout the world.  Real-time guidance with actionable instruction.

Hands-Free Operation

Optimize work productivity.  Faster repairs.  Learn while you work for faster training & greater retention.

Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Skype for Business, and Zoom Interoperability

Leverage your investment in this industry-leading enterprise communication platform.  Safe & secure.  Utilize existing contacts list. 

HD Picture Sharing & Annotation
Enhance your troubleshooting effectiveness.
  Achieve real-time workforce collaboration.
Improve time to repair.
Remote Image Capture

Maximize your field support efficiency with this unique data capture capability. 

Remote Expert Multicast

Optimize your workforce. Up to 10 participants supported.  Increase your operational speed.

Workflow Support

Eliminate “books” full of diagrams & schematics.  Access your Company knowledge base on-site.

Instant Messaging

Remote expert can support multiple workers & technicians.  Assistance calls can be documented.

Built-in Diagnostics

Optimal out of box experience

Supported devices

RealWear HMT Series Smart Glasses
Vuzix M Series Smart Glasses
Tablets / Smart Phones


English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, French, Italian, Portuguese

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