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Hands-Free Industrial Remote Assistance anywhere in the world with Expert View, the command center dashboard for the remote expert with ROI status and usage statistics

Hands-Free Audio/Video

Say What You See User Experience

Remote Zoom/Flashlight

Image, Video Clip & File Sharing

Live Annotation

Jujotech Fusion Remote provides a collaborative environment with dynamic two-way audio and video to enable (1) collaborative troubleshooting, assessment and rapid resolution of field and factory issues, (2) remote over-the-shoulder training, and (3) significant travel reduction and cost savings.

  • Hands-free, say what you see user experience
  • Safe, secure & easy to use
  • Multiple participants, anywhere in the world support from remote experts with unified communication platforms
  • Access to the global address book
  • Email meeting invites from the remote expert or the
    connected worker (MS Teams & BlueJeans)
  • Flashlight control during the meeting (MS Teams & BlueJeans)
  • Zoom in and out in real-time while streaming, with five-level optical zoom (MS Teams & BlueJeans)
  • Smart headset and content management for remote
    experts and administrators
  • Screen share with annotation
  • Live annotation on the real-time video feed
  • Join meetings with deep links
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • End-to-end A/V encryption
  • Data encryption at rest and in-flight
  • Connectivity Quality Monitoring

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Fusion Remote Licensing Options

The Fusion Remote Standard license is an APK installed on select smart headsets from RealWear and Vuzix. Your connected workforce is provided a fully voice-controlled and best-in-class remote assist user experience.“Say what you see” allows the connected worker to safely execute commands in a hand-free manner. Images, video clips, and files are easily shared with remote experts. Fully interoperable with Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans, or Zoom with access to the global address book and multiple participant support.
Upgrade to the Fusion Remote Plus license to add the interactive Media Server which streamlines access to and management of your remote assist session archives where media and video recordings are securely stored for auditing, sharing, and training purposes. With enhanced end-to-end content encryption at rest and in-flight, the interactive Media Server provides all the necessary tools for remote experts and administrators to conduct their sessions. Remote experts are also able to control the smart headset flashlight and camera zoom in/out.
Upgrade to the Fusion Remote Premium license to add the Expert View web client, a uniquely designed dashboard that immediately simplifies the remote assist process by providing the remote expert a straightforward and elegant user interface. Smart headset telemetry, media gallery access, and advanced annotation tools are a single click away. The purpose-built toolbar allows the remote expert to easily initiate live annotation and to enable control of the smart headset flashlight and camera zoom in/out. The media gallery provides quick access to all relevant content while the dedicated address book tool provides quick access to both remote experts and connected workers.

Expert View Interface

Gallery Feature

Straightforward & elegant user interface with quick access to all relevant content from both remote experts & connected workers

Contacts Listing

Easy access to remote experts and connected workers. Multiple participants added by both remote experts and connected workers.

Remote Expert Control of Smart Headsets

Point and click to enable critical smart headset features such as zoom in & flashlight. Same for live annotation.


Collaborative Troubleshooting, Assessment, & Rapid Resolution of Field & Factory Issues
Remote Over-the-shoulder Training
Property Management
Building Inspections
Field Services
Maintenance and Repair
Virtual Audits
Warehouse Logistics

Key Features / Benefits

Live Audio/Video Collaboration
Connect your workforce to achieve significant travel reduction & cost savings. Remote expert(s) can support connected worker(s) throughout the world. Real- time guidance with actionable instruction
Hands-Free, Say What You See User Experience
Safely learn as you go with minimal training required.
Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Skype for Business, Zoom & BlueJeans Interoperability
Leverage your investment in these secure industry-leading enterprise communication platforms. No parallel infrastructure required. Access to the global address book.
HD Picture, Video Clip, File & Screen Sharing with Live Annotation
Enhance your troubleshooting effectiveness. Achieve real-time workforce collaboration. Improve time to repair.
Remote Image & Video Clip Capture
Maximize your field support efficiency with this unique data capture capability.
Multiple Participants
Increase your operational speed. Up to 10 participants supported. Meeting invites from both remote experts & connected workers.
Workflow Support
Optimize your workforce. Eliminate “books” full of diagrams & schematics. Access your company knowledge base on-site.
Instant Messaging
Document all meetings & build a support database. Meeting reports generated and distributed.
Built-in Diagnostics

Optimal out of box experience

Supported devices

RealWear HMT Series Smart Glasses
Vuzix M Series Smart Glasses
Tablets / Smart Phones


English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, French, Italian, Portuguese

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