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Global startups & corporates gathered in Hamburg to solve the biggest challenges in maritime, trade & transport.

From, October 25th, 2019

9 startup teams, from 8 different countries, are moving forward past the first check-point at the Trade & Transport Impact program.  18 projects have been identified and kick-off the six week innovation program together with corporate partners Inmarsat, Cargotec, Shell, HHLA and Wärtsilä. 

This week, corporate business leaders from the Trade & Transport Impact program partners, met with 14 selected startups to kick off 3 days of closer project discussion. The startups, who range from port- and cyber security to energy-optimization and crew welfare, spent the days debating potential opportunities and project-fit.

After this first check-point, 9 teams are ultimately moving forward with the partners through 18 projects. The goal is to solve some of the biggest challenges in maritime trade & transport. The projects will be explored and developed further over the next six weeks. In the beginning of December, the teams will be back in Hamburg to present their plans for future collaboration with all partners. 

Real solutions, not just a paper exercise. 

First of its kind, the Trade & Transport Impact Program is disrupting the maritime logistics industry together with its partners. It is designed to address real challenges within maritime trade and transportation by matching industry leaders with tech startups and scaleups in a collaborative outcome-oriented program. 

The first cycle of the program, which ran in the spring of 2019, resulted in 11 commercial arrangements between the 8 selected startups and the partner corporations.

In this second cycle of the program, Rainmaking has identified more than 800 startups with relevant technology and business models. 14 teams were selected and invited for the Program Kick-Off in Hamburg and 9 teams were ultimately matched with the partners. Throughout the program, the corporate-startup engagement will be facilitated by Rainmaking in a 6-week long semi-remote program focused on building collaborative pilot-projects. 

9 starups teams developing 18 projects

Bigyellowfish (Netherlands & India)
A digital platform that provides games for behavioural skilling, real-time collaboration for situational awareness, crew well-being & crew engagement.

CyberOwl (United Kingdom)
CyberOwl develops and delivers security analytics products to address cybersecurity challenges for the maritime, critical national infrastructure (CNI).

Geollect (United Kingdom)
Geollect connects devices, data, and software with precision location to provide answers, identify patterns, clarify what happened and where and predict what might happen next.

i4sea (Brazil)
i4sea developed the only complete and integrated system that allow ports and terminals to manage the influence of ocean & weather on vessel operations.

Jujotech (USA)
Intelligence for connected workers. SaaS solution developer offering actionable intelligence for connected workers using AR wearable and mobile devices.

KoiReader Technologies (USA)
Unlocking AI-based data capture and process automation for documents, video and human actions for maritime, transportation, logistics, trade & supply chain industry.

Scoutbase (Denmark)
Scoutbase is a digital tool that helps companies gather real-time data on what is experienced as problematic on board in real time and across fleets.

Signol (United Kingdom)
Signol has developed the world’s first software which uses behavioural economics to motivate fuel-efficient employee decisions.

Teqplay (Netherlands)
Teqplay is a context broker providing information and tools to empower the shipping industry to make better informed decisions.

Trade & Transport Impact Program
The 6 week semi-remote program will kick-off October 22nd and end with Launch Days December 4th and 5th.

Events will be held in Hamburg, Germany together with partners from the region and startups headhunted globally. The program will run in several cycles over 3+ years and continue to focus on true partnerships between the best and most relevant startups and P&L impact for world leading industry partners that can leverage Trade & Transport Impact to build, buy, pilot and invest in impactful startups.

About Rainmaking
Rainmaking is a corporate innovation and venture development firm which works with businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes, from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 corporations, in order to solve challenges across the ever-changing landscape of innovation. The multidisciplinary team consists of some of the most experienced venture builders, strategists, engineers, designers, data scientists and growth experts around.

About Jujotech

Jujotech creates augmented reality (AR) based software to uniquely connect and enable industrial mobile workforces with products for industrial remote assistance, actionable inspection workflows, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data visualization.

By deploying Jujotech’s industrial software with mobile devices such as select smart headsets, smartphones, and tablets, customers can achieve increased productivity and operational efficiencies, reduced downtime and enhanced problem-solving effectiveness. And travel expenses are often significantly reduced, resulting in rapid return on investment.

The company is based in Boulder Colorado and offers its products worldwide

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