Jujotech announces the addition of Microsoft Teams to Fusion Remote supported communication platforms


Jujotech, a leading software company enabling business and industry transformation through the use of remote assist, industrial augmented reality, and IIoT, is introducing Fusion Remote Teams. Fusion Remote Teams is a unique remote assist solution that is fully interoperable with Microsoft Teams.

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Fusion Remote Teams delivers a hands-free collaborative environment with two-way audio and video to facilitate collaborative troubleshooting, assessment and rapid resolution of field issues with the assistance of remote experts anywhere in the world.  The connected worker is fully supported with comprehensive remote assist functionality vs. communication only.

Inject decades of knowledge into your operation by enabling subject matter experts to provide remote support to the connected field & factory technicians.  Increase workflow efficiencies by over 30% through a fully hand-free vocal user interface.  Enhance support of the connected worker with hands-free actionable workflows, step-by-step guidelines/checklists and IIoT alerts/analytics with the integrated deployment of Fusion Inspect or the deployment of Fusion AR.

In addition to Microsoft Teams, the Fusion Remote family of solutions is interoperable with Microsoft Skype for Business and Zoom. Unique features include remote expert multicast, live audio/video/instant messaging communication, HD video and picture sharing with annotation, and optical zoom during real-time streaming.

For more information about Jujotech, Fusion Remote Team and our full suite of mixed reality applications and solutions, visit https://www.jujotech.com/fusion-remote.html.

About Jujotech

Jujotech is a software development company based in Boulder, Colorado. The company creates solutions for smart wearables with hands-free operation and supports Industrial, Manufacturing, and Enterprise applications. Jujotech offers leading solutions for remote assist, industrial augmented reality with IoT ingestion and workflow with checklists.  The company currently offers its solutions worldwide.

Named one of the 20 Most Promising AR/VR Tech Solution Providers by CIO Review, Jujotech provides industry-leading mixed reality (AR/VR) solutions.  Jujotech solutions, sold as an infrastructure software solution for mobile devices, wearables, and other connected devices, merge IIoT actionable information with AR and remote assist.

About Jujotech

Jujotech creates augmented reality (AR) based software to uniquely connect and enable industrial mobile workforces with products for industrial remote assistance, actionable inspection workflows, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data visualization.

By deploying Jujotech’s industrial software with mobile devices such as select smart headsets, smartphones, and tablets, customers can achieve increased productivity and operational efficiencies, reduced downtime and enhanced problem-solving effectiveness. And travel expenses are often significantly reduced, resulting in rapid return on investment.

The company is based in Boulder Colorado and offers its products worldwide

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