Jujotech: Augmenting the Horizons of AR Applications

(Reprint from CIO Review: https://ar-vr.cioreview.com/vendor/2018/jujotech)

The vast amount of multimedia digital content streams combined with the subsequent need to integrate the information into a single file presents a double-edged sword for business marketing; it is both a challenge and an opportunity. On course of the latter, Jujotech leverages its powerful software platform to deliver multimedia Augmented Reality (AR) content using its powerful pixel-tracking capabilities inside a document. Jujotech is able to present via real-time AR, a multitude of information—text, audio, pictures, and video—all on a single document, faster and at lower cost to businesses and industries. As Rafael Gutierrez, the CEO of Jujotech states, “We are solving two main problems with our SaaS platform, the ability to integrate multimedia content in a single file and the power to push that content through AR.”

In one live scenario, one of Jujotech’s clients, Social Capital Agency, employed the solution for their customer on an app for a women’s cosmetics manufacturer. The hassle-free integration of Jujotech on the product profile was hugely successful, as it “augmented” the dimension of AR for all aspects of the product. There were no QR codes involved, resulting in a simplified way for the end user and manufacturer to get all the information in one platform.

Behind the scenes, it is precision engineering and the collective research that has endowed the Jujotech team with the capability to do pixel-tracking within documentation, and enable users to deal with all kinds of multimedia documentation, just as one would with a website. Subsequently, this provides the additional functionality for Jujotech to facilitate AR (including Industrial IoT third-party analytics) and disrupting just-in-time actions using AR with multimedia content. Through this, Jujotech provides better digital content delivery across a variety of different platforms, including mobile, headset, and goggles.

When it comes to Industrial IoT applications, integrating multimedia content and IoT sensor data with analytics and providing just-in-time AR can be a complex feat to achieve. Jujotech’s technology has just the answer to this predicament. For example, if a user is in the field has some equipment running, the user can know the status of those machines through a tablet or phone. The just-in-time IoT analytics combined with AR can give the user the status of that equipment in real time and access to repair procedures, in addition to providing information on what is wrong with the system at a subsystem level insight. This eliminates the need for lengthy PDF manuals, and users now get specific access to the information that they need, about an entity just by pointing at it. What’s more, Jujo’s solution also suggests action items that can be taken in real time, in the form of rich multimedia content, with videos and diagrams on how to actually perform the repair.

The company’s primary focus lies in business, marketing, and Industrial IoT solutions. Jujotech aims to have their technology sold as an infrastructure software solution for all mobile devices, providing total transparency for documentation requirements, as they facilitate that. Jujotech’s solution applies to multiple verticals as well, and as a result, the company feels that beyond their strides in Industrial IoT, they look to progress in the direction of digital health as well using a common platform.

About Jujotech

Jujotech creates augmented reality (AR) based software to uniquely connect and enable industrial mobile workforces with products for industrial remote assistance, actionable inspection workflows, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data visualization.

By deploying Jujotech’s industrial software with mobile devices such as select smart headsets, smartphones, and tablets, customers can achieve increased productivity and operational efficiencies, reduced downtime and enhanced problem-solving effectiveness. And travel expenses are often significantly reduced, resulting in rapid return on investment.

The company is based in Boulder Colorado and offers its products worldwide

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