Jujotech introduces Expert View

Jujotech introduces #ExpertView, our uniquely designed dashboard for remote experts.
The Fusion Remote Expert View web client immediately simplifies the remote assist process by providing a straightforward & elegant user interface. Smart headset telemetry, media gallery access, and advanced annotation tools are a single click away. 

The purpose-built toolbar allows the remote expert to control critical smart headset features like zoom in and flashlight via intuitive telemetry commands. Same for live annotation. The media gallery provides quick access to all relevant content while the dedicated address book tool provides quick access to both remote experts and connected workers. Multiple participants can also be added by anyone in the meeting.

The Expert View dashboard is available with the Fusion Remote Premium License. Request a demo today.

About Jujotech

Jujotech creates enterprise-class software to connect and enable industrial workforces using mobile devices such as smart headsets, tablets, and smartphones. Jujotech produces instant productivity gains and rapid ROI with products for industrial remote assistance, actionable digital workflow, and IIoT data visualization using augmented reality as an interface. Customers benefit from significant reductions in travel while increasing operational efficiencies. The company is based in Boulder Colorado and currently offers its products worldwide.

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