welcome Eleen and Giovanni as members of team

Jujotech welcomes newest members: Ellen Howe and Giovanni Sudiro

Ellen Howe joins as VP of Marketing, and Giovanni Sudiro as Sr. IT Engineer to Team Jujotech

About Ellen

Ellen Murray Howe is a seasoned marketing and business development strategist with a customer centric approach to creating and enhancing engaging brands. Her philosophy is “Brand as Business” – with a focus on driving revenue and developing authentic customer success stories. She has a record of delivering measurable results and exceeding key performance indicators (KPIs).

She has worked closely with the professional trade associations in homeland security, aviation, solar, energy storage and electric utilities. She has vast experience in lengthy entitlement projects and navigating highly regulated environments. She thrives on building and maintaining long-lasting professional relationships, discovering synergies and connecting others in her network for mutual benefit.

Ellen lives in the Colorado foothills where she enjoys hiking, horses, dogs and the abundant sunshine.

About Giovanni

Highly experience and self-driven IT veteran recognized for the successful development and implementation of several IT Management Products and Services.
Proficient in use of Open-Source and multiple Enterprise-Level software, extensive Problem-Solving skills and significant ability to work on different projects simultaneously.
Solid collaboration abilities to work and lead team members to resolve complex, technical issues, communicate status to business customers and CEO.
Giovanni also lives and works in Colorado. 

About Jujotech

Jujotech is a software development company. The company solutions are created for smart wearables, hands free operation, targeting Industrial, Manufacturing, and Enterprise applications.  Jujotech offers leading solutions for remote assist, industrial augmented reality with IoT ingestion and workflow with checklists.  The company currently offers its solutions worldwide.

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