Jujotech Fusion Remote

Fusion Remote delivers a collaborative environment with two-way audio and video for facilitating collaborative troubleshooting, assessment and rapid resolution of field issues with the help of remote experts. The Fusion Remote vocal user interface enables fully hands-free operation for user ease and efficiency.


  • Enables delivery of industry standard remote mentoring services
  • Provides a collaborative environment with audio, video, and instant messaging
  • Increases workflow efficiencies over 30% through a fully hand-free vocal user interface

Jujotech Fusion AR

Fusion AR is real-time augmented reality software for industry and business. Its enterprise class, out-of-the-box, hands-free technology enables field engineers to access just-in-time actionable digital content triggered by IIoT analytics (provided by third parties) or by image target recognition in the field. Rich multimedia digital content delivered by Fusion AR offers task effective and engaging consumer experiences through mobile devices or smart glasses.

For industrial settings, Fusion AR and Fusion Remote provide seamless collaboration with remote experts, minimizing machine downtime and improving customer satisfaction.


  • Provides actionable information for business and IIoT augmented reality users
  • Delivers Just-in-Time content with an efficient user experience
  • Enables accelerated problem solving and enhanced productivity solutions
  • Engages users through patented integration of rich digital multimedia content
  • Secures content authentication with blockchain attribution controls