Enterprise Integration of existing Actionable workflows

Jujotech WorkLogic enables full enterprise integration of existing actionable workflows and actionable IIoT via open API ingestion. WorkLogic provides rich media annotation at the edge with workflow accomplishment. Best in class voice control for hands free workflow:

  • Step by step instructions
  • Checklist & forms
  • Troubleshooting decision trees
  • Standard operating procedures

Tasks and troubleshooting activities are optimized, reducing human error and significantly increasing overall efficiencies.  Optional workflow integration with Fusion AR, Fusion Remote and Skype for Business.


Machine AR w/IIoT Analytics
Maintenance and Repair
Field Service
Field Inspection
Building and Construction
Warehouse Logistics
Virtual Audits

Key Features / Benefits

Open API Ingestion

Unique (patent pending) methodology.  Streamlined workflow implementation with significant deployment cost savings.

Actionable IIoT Integration

Immediate productivity and efficiency improvements when the industrial mobile worker connects, accesses and acts on machine data. 

Hands-Free Workflow

Best in class “say what you see” voice control for optimal workflow execution.

Step by step | checklist & forms | troubleshooting | SOPs

Workflow Accomplishment

End to end process management by task for smooth and successful completion.

Interoperable with Fusion Remote, Skype for Business, and Fusion AR

Seamless workflow integration with industry leading remote assist “assisted reality” communication and “just-in-time actionable IIoT” augmented reality solutions.

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